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Superboy is part Kryptonian, which means he has super-human abilities. While in Somarium his Invulnerability and Super Strength will not be at full power. Additionally, he's able to listen in on conversations and has infrared vision which can be an invasion of privacy.

So just let me know what's cool and what's not~!

Powers and Abilities
From Young Justice Wikia


Super Strength: This is one of Superboy's main abilities, allowing him to easily pick up or carry heavy objects.

Super Leap: To compensate for his inability to fly like Superman, Superboy uses the super-strong muscles in his legs to jump incredible distances and heights.

Invulnerability: Like Superman, Superboy is nearly indestructible. This invulnerability allows him to rush into dangerous scenes with little care for what might actually happen. Out of all his teammates, Superboy has taken the most punishment from their missions but has displayed no lasting injuries. He has been tackled through walls, shot with guns and explosives, and had his feet dipped in lava. He has yet to be permanently injured, but he does experience pain.

Super Hearing: Superboy can pick up the faintest of sounds over long distances.

Infrared Vision: This ability allows Superboy to visually detect heat signatures, allowing him to easily see in the dark.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While normally relying on his sheer strength, Superboy has developed highly proficient combat skills from his training under Black Canary. He is shown to be especially good at grappling and takedowns.


Superboy can understand and speak many languages outside of English. He is at least fluent in Spanish, Atlantean, French, Korean, Arabic, and Russian, among other languages.

Encyclopedic Knowledge: Likely due to the G-Gnomes, Superboy has an encyclopedic knowledge of World History.


Code Words:
When Lex Luthor said the words "Red Sun" to Superboy, he blacked out for several hours, remaining completely still until he snapped out of the hypnotic trance. Miss Martian psychically excised this programming from his mind, and confirmed that no other code words were implanted.

Due to his Kryptonian DNA, Superboy is vulnerable to the unique radioactive properties of this green mineral. However, his human DNA appears to afford him greater resiliency compared to a pure Kryptonian, although he still finds it very painful.

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This is Conner Kent. Please leave a message if you are trying to reach me.
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[Character name] Conner Kent || Kon-El || Superboy
[Canon] Young Justice: Invasion
[Point in time taken from canon] End of Season 2; Episode 15: War

[Age] 6 || Physically 16 || Mentally Approximately 22
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Has only had straight relationships at this point, but is probably open to explore other possibilities.

[Eye Color] Blue.
[Hair Color] Black.
[Height] 5'7"
[Other] He looks like a younger Superman.
[Clothing] No tights, no capes, no offense.

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[Player name] Kate or Cay
[Age] 24
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] mellonemrys 
[Other characters currently played] N/A

[Character name] Conner Kent || Kon-El || Superboy
[Age] 6 || Physically 16 || Mentally Approximately 22
[Canon] Young Justice: Invasion
[Point in time taken from canon] End of Season 2; Episode 15: War

Kon @ Young Justice Wikia

Superboy was created by Cadmus from a mixture of Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA. His modus operandi was to become a replacement for Superman should he die, or need to be taken out. Cadmus planted Over the course of 16 weeks, Superboy was 'taught' by three G-Gnomes, artificially created creatures with psychic abilities including telepathy. The G-Gnomes fed a detailed world history, including Superman’s exploits,  directly into Superboy’s brain. However, before Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash released him from his pod, Superboy had never been outside it and allowed to experience the world for himself. One of the G-Gnomes in his pod did become very attached to him though, to the point of following him to Team’s new Head Quarters. It picked up on some of the more powerful emotions that had been experienced by the Justice League when the Cave was discovered by the Joker and projected the incident into his mind. Since the Joker had used a box full of monkeys to attack the League, Superboy developed a strong dislike of monkeys.

Only knowing what the G-Gnomes had force fed him, Superboy sees Superman as the ultimate hero and by association, has a hard time seeing his own weaknesses early on. Superboy wanted to know what it was like to be Superman and be accepted by him. But upon first meeting the big-blue-boyscout it became clear that it wasn’t going to be instantaneous or easy to have a relationship with him. Superman kept him at arms length for months, while he tried to become comfortable with there being a clone of himself. This fueled Superboy’s anger as well as dreams of defeating Superman. During his time in his pod at Cadmus, they had fed Superboy images of him defeating Superman. Even under sedation, Superboy was able to crack the containment pod. While he rather quickly overcame his desire to destroy Superman as he grew as a person outside of Cadmus’ control, it wasn’t until Superman accepted him as a son/brother that Superboy finally felt like he wasn’t just a poor copy of the original. When Superman finally started acting as his mentor, he was able to help Superboy overcome some of his self confidence issues, was able to teach him what he knew of Krypton, and give him a family beyond the Team.

Superboy’s relationship with Lex Luthor, his other genetic donor, started off rocky and doesn’t have much hope of getting better. Lex wanted Superboy to join the Light, however by the time Superboy met Lex, he already knew him as a villain and was unwilling to change his perception of the man. He gave Superboy information that led him to discover Match, the first, failed attempt to clone Superman, and gave him ‘shields’ to enhance his Kryptonian DNA. Superboy very quickly realized that Lex was merely trying to use him, but accepted the shields in hopes that without his human weaknesses he would a better member of the Team and have an easier time being accepted by Superman. After being tricked and used by Lex, he doesn’t see him as anything more than a villain. However, his encounters with Lex led to discoveries about himself. He realized that while he is a clone, he’s also his own person and that he doesn’t need to be a full Kryptonian to be powerful, or accepted by anyone, including himself.

Due to the mental control Superboy was placed under at Cadmus, he is extremely opposed to violations of his and other’s minds. When M’gann first attempts to speak with the Team telepathically he yells at her, and has a difficult time adjusting to the experience even when she uses her telepathic abilities to help the Team. Gradually though, Superboy learns to accept M’gann’s telepathy as he learns to trust her as a teammate and a friend, then as a girl friend. That trust is developed and tested on missions with the Team where they have to look out for  each other as well as work with each other’s skills and abilities. Though Superboy, along with the other members of the Team, become reliant on her for telepathic communication on missions, as M’gann became more powerful she began to use those abilities to gain information from enemies without caring about the damage she caused them mentally. While he could accept M’gann using her powers to help the Team, leaving enemies mentally broken, almost beyond repair, he could not accept. This worried Superboy, but it was when M’gann tried to make him forget about an argument that she finally broke his trust. Even when he hadn’t cared about M’gann being a White Martian, and forgiven her other lies, he could not forgive her for trying to manipulate him. He does still care about M’gann though, confiding in her, though not sure if he can ever fully trust her again.

Superboy quickly forms opinions of people, judging their actions in a black and white fashion. This includes normal citizens, schoolmates and new team members. He is often suspicious of new people/ situations. After being used by people like Lex and Cadmus he isn’t quick to trust those who haven’t earned it. He also doesn’t like lying or being lied to, even by omission. Superboy believes that if you trust the people around you, then you should be able to be honest with them. While he understands that sometimes in order to protect the Team/ someone lying is easiest and safest option, he doesn’t forgive it. He knows there are other ways to go about things that don’t include being dishonest to the people that you are supposed to trust with your life.

Superboy can also be unforgiving, especially of actions that hurt others. He most often uses his brute strength, drawing from his anger to fuel his strength, to win fights, though he learns to think through his actions more as he matures and experiences more of the world. His lack of real world experience does hinder him occasionally. He can come off as awkward in social situations both due to his limited experience and his generally quiet, shy nature (when something doesn’t anger him). He speaks up when he has questions, and has a very to-the-point way of speaking. This partially stems from the difficulty he has in expressing how he feels. Superboy can easily overreact, either due to a misunderstanding, or his strong feelings about something. It can also lead him to being over protective of his friends, teammates and loved ones. His stubbornness only making his over protectiveness worse. Being one of the strongest members of the Team, he knows that in a lot of cases he would be able to protect a teammate in a dangerous situation, but can forget that if someone is part of the Team, they have powers of their own. Everyone on the Team has a reason why they are there, and not letting them do their job as part of the Team only hinders everyone.

Since the addition of several new members of the Team, Superboy has become a bit more approachable. He tries to encourage the younger members and help them adjust to being part of a Team as well as new situations and dangers. While there are some members he doesn’t exactly care for, he would never wish them harm and while on a mission treats everyone on the Team the same. He does have a tendency to be drawn to strays (like his pets Wolf and Sphere), partially because of his own somewhat solitary nature. He knows what its like to be rejected, betrayed, ignored and thrown away, and because of that tries to help others that have gone through those things.

Abilities @ Young Justice Wikia

[Other important stuff]
Can't think of anything.

[Sample post]
[First Person]

[Q] What do you think of your home world?
[A] Earth home. But I don't have much to compare it to. The only other 'worlds' I've been too haven't been too friendly. So I guess I like it.

[Q] How is space?
[A] Generally dark and cold.

[Q] Someone comes to you to ask for the time. How would you respond?
[A] I'd give them the time I guess.

[Q] Someone is trying to rob you! What do you do?
[A] Stop them. What else would you do?

[Q] Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain? Why? Neither is an option as well, but still tell why.

[A] A hero. Because I work with the Team and the Justice League to protect Earth.

[Q] You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.
[A] I'd do my best to complete it, just like I always do. If I didn't, then that would mean people could get hurt.

[Q] Murder. What is your opinion?
[A] It's wrong. And no one should get away with it.

[Q] You see a bloody knife on the floor. What do you do or think?
[A] Someone might be hurt, I should look for them. Then I should find whoever hurt them.

[Q] Do you prefer the city or living out in the country? Why?
[A] Both. In the city I'm closer to the Team and my friends. But in the country I can spend time with the Kents.

[Q] Do you have any future goals or dreams? What are they?
[A] To be as respected as Superman, and someday live up to his example.

[Q] Can you surpass God?
[A] No, my abilities aren't likely to evolve beyond what they currently are.

[Q] If you were to describe yourself in one sentence, what would that be?
[A] I'm the Superboy...I'm not sure what else to say.

[Third Person]
There wasn't anything overly special about that day. He'd had a history test and was meeting Wendy later to study. But other than that, it was a perfectly normal day in Ivy Town. The bad guys always loved to ruin nondescript days like that though. Conner had to question why a purse snatcher would chose to strike in broad day light though. Especially in the middle of a busy side walk. Maybe he thought the knife would help him. Too bad he wasn't going to be that lucky.

The girl cried for help as her purse was yanked from her grasp and she fell back, into Conner.

"Are you alright?" He asked her, and after receiving a nod he was running after one of the dumbest purse snatchers Conner had ever heard of. She called after him, but he was too focused on keeping track of the theif to register what she'd said.

The busy sidewalk did work to the thief's advantage. It made it harder for Conner to keep up with him without knocking people out of the way. He did make a mistake though, he turned down an alleyway. While the alley held its own obstacles, but those would only hinder the purse snatcher. Conner was used to jumping fences and trash cans during a pursuit. But as Conner rounded the corner into the alley he was met with a wash of high intensity lights.

Someone called cut and the lights died down. Conner just stared blankly at the cluster of people hurrying around the alleyway with stacks of paper in their arms, camera equipment and one very ticked off looking student in a shirt with 'Director' written across the front.

"Come on! Can't we get one take without some bozo messing it up!?" The 'Director' asked, waving a script at the purse snatcher. "Tommy, I thought you were telling people this was a closed set!?"

Another student with a 'Crew' shirt just shrugged and pulled out his phone. "I can't police the whole city."

Finally the young woman made her way into the alley, a bored look on her face. "John, maybe you should have gotten the permits to close the street? Or you know, you could have just shot the scene to see what happened. I mean this guy could have made the shot a keeper."

She flashed a quick smile in Conner's direction.

"You're making a movie?" Conner finally asked, still a bit confused. How often did things like this happen?

"Yeah, we're all in the film programme." The girl answered, sipping at a cup of coffee.

Conner was starting to feel embarrassed. But how could he have known? "I'm sorry, I didn't realize--"

"No need to be sorry. You were perfect! I just wish John hadn't called cut."

"No need to be--!? Laurie, I swear if we ever get this movie done I am never working with you again!" Huffed the Director before turning to yell at someone else for the moment.

"You always say that."

It was apparent that this was normal behaviour for the student Director, considering no one seemed amused by his miniature tantrum.

"So blue eyes, do you have a free hour or two? I bet you look even better on camera."

"I have to meet a friend to study."

"Oh, so you only have time for damsels in distress and studying?"

That was actually about right. "I guess."

"Too bad." Taking Conner's hand, Laurie scribbled out a phone number and smiled at him again. "Well if you do have time later, give me a call. I'd love to thank you for trying to save my purse."

He looked down at the phone number and thought he could feel his cheeks growing a bit warm. Why did girls always give him their number? He never asked for it. "Alright. Good luck with your movie."

"Thanks. Don't study too hard. Its too nice of a day!"

He nodded, the hint of a smile forming. Maybe it wasn't just a normal, boring day.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] Castmates. All the castmates.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Some limited 4th walling allowed but only with permission.
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] Found it a while ago, but took another look recently after friends were talking about apping.
[Any questions?] Nope.


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